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Thank you for the clarification on the distinction on the 
absolute vs. construct states and shift of qamets to shewa.  
It is quite helpful.

On a side issue, all of the internal organs are hollow, the 
heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, bladders, and throat, 
they are filled with air or fluids which can be drained 
out.  This means that they have a very low density, i.e. 
they are rather *light*.  The liver is however completely 
solid and quite dense (the pancreas is also solid too but 
it was historically thought to be part of liver).  So on a 
equal volume basis, the liver is much weigthtier than any 
other organ.

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> >Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussion.  
> >
> >OK, I got the *defective* holem vav part.  What about 
> >qamats though.  Liver is spelled with a qamets under the 
> >kaf and glory has a shewa under the kaf.  In each of the 
> >four cases where the defective holem vav occured in *
> >, the shewa replaced the qamets, which was part of my 
> >confusion on issue.
> >
> >  
> >
> No, this is not correct. Both words have qamats in the 
absolute state, 
> and sheva in the construct state or with a personal 
suffix. This is the 
> regular pattern of alternation for bisyllabic nouns with 
qamats in the 
> first syllable. In fact I don't think the construct of 
"liver" is found 
> in the Hebrew Bible, but the word is found with a 
personal suffix in 
> Proverbs 7:23, Lamentations 2:11. "Glory" occurs with 
qamats and 
> defective holam in Genesis 31:1 and Nahum 2:10. Data 
courtesy of BDB, 
> checked with BHS.
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