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>Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussion.  
>OK, I got the *defective* holem vav part.  What about the 
>qamats though.  Liver is spelled with a qamets under the 
>kaf and glory has a shewa under the kaf.  In each of the 
>four cases where the defective holem vav occured in *glory*
>, the shewa replaced the qamets, which was part of my 
>confusion on issue.
No, this is not correct. Both words have qamats in the absolute state, 
and sheva in the construct state or with a personal suffix. This is the 
regular pattern of alternation for bisyllabic nouns with qamats in the 
first syllable. In fact I don't think the construct of "liver" is found 
in the Hebrew Bible, but the word is found with a personal suffix in 
Proverbs 7:23, Lamentations 2:11. "Glory" occurs with qamats and 
defective holam in Genesis 31:1 and Nahum 2:10. Data courtesy of BDB, 
checked with BHS.

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