[b-hebrew] The mystery of vav-consecutive

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Mon Jun 6 19:17:21 EDT 2005

> >Driver provides some examples of wayyiqtol for the present in the
> Pentateuch:
> >Gen 19:9; 31:15; 32:5; 49:24; Ex 4:23; Num 22:11.
> >He was not sure about Dt 33:27-28.
> All of these make sense to be past tense except Ex 4:23. But even in Ex
> 4:23, NASB translates the 2 vav-consecutives as past tense.

Driver's is nonsense. Gen19:9 is a common emphatic structure of mot tamut
type. Ex4:23 is nothing but past tense, different subjects. All this bustle
about waw stems from misreading.

Vadim Cherny

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