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On 02/06/2005 07:09, Emmanuel Gitlin wrote:

>This is to confirm my previous subscription.  In addition to the Hebrew script I am interested in a transliteration-from-Hebrew font if such is available by way of a simple cd-rom disk rather than a complex process, such as received a year of two ago from SIL after ardent requests and a financial contribution.

I am surprised at your suggestion that SIL requires a financial 
contribution, except perhaps to cover the costs of putting on a CD and 
mailing what is freely available on the Internet. See 
for the latest Unicode-based SIL Hebrew fonts, and for 
an older version which includes a transliteration font. No specific 
transliteration font is required for the Unicode system as SIL's regular 
Latin script Unicode font is suitable, see

However, I don't think you will find anywhere a font which allows you to 
transliterate Hebrew simply by a font change. I'm not sure if that would 
even be possible, for there is not a simple one-to-one correspondence 
between Hebrew and Latin script. It might be possible to set up a basic 
transliteration through the complexities of the OpenType font system, 
but there is no way it could disambiguate varieties of qamats, sheva 
etc. Anyway, this is not at all the right way to deal with this issue, 
for transliteration is not just an adjusted display but a modified text.

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