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Yizhak wrote:
> d)for strong reasons of fulfillment of tanak prophecy I hold
> that yehoshua was the messiach and was therefore far more
> qualified than any 'scholar' to comment on the torah's authorship.
> Yehoshua's testimony in this regard is clear that he held it to
> be Moses own work.

Yehoshua is a person who lived contemporary with Moses and is credited
in the Talmud with perhaps authoring the last verses of the Torah.  Please 
refrain from using this name to refer to Jesus.  Jesus' Hebrew name was 
most likely "y:$u(" spelled y$w(, and represents pronounciation before the 
development of a furtive patah under the (ayin in such cases.

More than that, while I have no problem with any personal belief you hold,
please don't make it a requirement for argument with you to assume that
Jesus was the Messiah.  This list is not the place to argue to and fro that
point.  It is, however, offensive that you invoke Jewish tradition over and
over again in light of such an assumption.

end quote

Yehoshua who took over Moshe' had the same name as the Yehoshua who 
fulfilled Moshe's prophecies. The name was in common usage and it is 
not inignificant that they shared the same name.
While I appreciate that you do not believe that Yehoshua was the messiah 
there are equally members of this mailing list who may be offended by 
your view that he was a fraud. But I don't see anyone telling you and 
talking down to you as you have done to me and this is a sign of maturity 
that those who may have felt offended have kept it to themselves.
While you are correct that arguments about Yehoshua's messiahship are 
inapproriate for this mailing list the evidence was appropriate for 
the question at hand and unfortunately for you it is the greatest proof 
that there is and so has a rightful place in this discussion.

As for your comment about the Anchor bible dictionary:

NO COMMENT!!! (trying my best not to laugh)

Was the best you could do after giving me a lecture on primary sources???

James Christian

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