[b-hebrew] Translating Ezekiel 16:26

kenneth hoglund hoglund at wfu.edu
Sat Jul 30 21:26:20 EDT 2005

Chris et al.--

The 2001 Study edition of the Koehler-Baumgartner Lexicon gives BASAR as 
"penis" in Syriac and shows Lev 15.2ff, 7 as well as Ezek 16.26 and 
23.20. But, in a somewhat contradictory fashion, provides "great of 
flesh" for Ezek 16.26 under GADEL.

In the Jewish Study Bible, the JPS translation has "lustful" but the 
footnote reads "Lit. 'big of phallus'" and cites 23.20.

Since GADEL has the sense of "enlarged" (as in 2 Chron 17.12) your 
proposed understanding would seem to make the most sense of an unusual 

Ken Hoglund
Prof. of Religion
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem NC

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