[b-hebrew] Translating Ezekiel 16:26

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Sat Jul 30 20:46:21 EDT 2005

My spam filter caught this post and marked it as triple x.  i suppose 
the offending phrases are the ones I have obliterated.  If y'all aren't 
getting many responses it could be because other people's spam filters 
are doing the same thing.

George F Somsel wrote:

>The phrase WaT.:F:Y"K: )eT_RaG:LaYiK: "howdy doodie" in the
>preceding verse would seem to imply a --- activity and thus an ---
>---- would seem to be referenced.  I somewhat doubt that the prophet
>would have been concerned with the mere physical size of their ----
>aside from the reason for its size. 
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