[b-hebrew] Verbs, text-segmenting and clause-types

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RE: [b-hebrew] Verbs, text-segmenting and clause-typesDear James,

Both YIQTOLs and QATALs can be translated with  future and future perfect.  Future perfect is chosen for pragmatic reasons, where the lexical meaning of the verbs play an important role. In English, future perfect is a combination of the future tense and the perfectic aspect, and it can represent past in the future. Your suggestion "though he will have done no violence" exactly expresses my viewpoint and could have been used by my.  The reason why I used "though he had done no violence and there was no deception in his mouth" may be because I am no native speaker of English.   Since the presence of the servant had been established as future in relation to the deictic center, and the verse speaks about the death of the servant, I thought that a pluperfect and simple past would signal that that during the servant`s life (in the future) and before his death he did no violence and no deception was found. I felt that my choice of English verb tenses served the same role as future perfects, and that this was a smother way of expression.

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  Rolf wrote:53:9 He will assign (WAYYIQTOL) his grave with the wicked ones, and with the
  rich in his death, though he had done (QATAL) no violence, and there was no
  deception in
  his mouth (nominal cl.).

  end quote.

  In your translation you were using the future more or less
  consistently and the you decide to render 'he had done (QATAL)
  no violence, and there was no deception in his mouth'.
  On what basis did you decide to switch to the past here?
  Could it not just as easily have been:

  'though he will have done no violence'? 

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