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Exile & Post Exile

Did Daniel,Ezra and Nehemiah hold the Torah to be Moshe's work?

Dan9:13 with Lev26:16
Dan9:11 with Deu28:15,31:17
Neh8:1 with Lev27:34
Neh8:2 with Lev23:24
Neh8:6 with Deu27:26
Neh8:8 with Lev10:11
Neh8:9 with Lev23:24, Num29:1
Neh8:18 with Lev16:29,23:36
Ezra3:1 with Lev16:29
Ezra3:2 with Exo20:24, Exo40:29
Ezra3:3-6 with Exo23:16,29:38,29:42, Num28:3-4,28:23,29:1,29:12-13,Lev23:24
Ezra7:6 with Deu4:5,5:1,28:1

How long would it take you to read the direct discourse starting at Deu 5 ?
Apparently it took Ezra (a sopher) 6 hours 'from daybreak till noon'. And he 
has more to say for a further 7 days. Was he really that slow a reader???

Doesn't it seem strange that the Isrealites were familiar with festivals which 
were only penned about 50 years later? 
And doesn't it seem stranger that they evidently accepted these as given by 

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