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Chris wrote:

Why was Yehoshua referring to the entire Torah when he said that Moshe
of him?

He was referring to prophecies regarding Abram's seed which would bless
mankind. These prophecies are to be found in Genesis *NOT* in


James, please specify what passages you think you're interpreting or
paraphrasing here. As far as I can tell, Jesus only said that "Moses" or
"the law of Moses" spoke about him on two occasions: Luke 24:44 and John
5:46. Both are quite generic and do not cite any particular passages. In
fact, I cannot find any place where Jesus speaks about himself in the
terms you do above (although Paul does so in Galatians 3).

In any event, I do not think these phrases can be appropriately used as
"authorship claims" for the canonical Torah. They are conventional ways
of introducing Torah quotations and allusions.
end quote.

Luke2:22 with Lev12:2
Luke5:14 with Lev13:49, Lev14:2, Lev14:10, Lev14:20
Luke20:28 with Deu25:5, Gen38:8
and especially Luke20:37 with Exo3:2, Exo3:6, Ex6:3
Luke24:27 with Gen3:16, Gen22:18, Gen49:10, Num21:9
John1:45 with   ""        ""        ""        ""
John3:14 with Num21:9
John5:45 with Gen3:16 etc.
John7:51 with Deu1:16
John8:17 with Deu17:6,19:15
Matt8:4 with Lev14:4,20
Matt19:7 with Deu24:1
Matt19:8 with Gen2:24
Matt22:24 with Gen38:8
Mark1:44 with Lev 13:49,Lev14:3
Mark7:10 with Exo20:12, Deu5:16, Exo21:17, Lev20:9
Mark10:3,4 with Deu24:1
Mark12:19 with Gen38:8
and especially Mark12:26 with Exo3:2

Whether a person accepts that Yehoshua was the Messiah or not and 
is therefore humble enough to accept as the Messiah he would know 
better, it is still clear regardless that he and his followers held
Moshe' to be the author of the Torah.
It is highly noted that many accusations were brought against the 
group but it is never claimed that they wrongfully attributed the 
Torah to Moshe'.

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