[b-hebrew] Author of the torah

Schmuel schmuel at nyc.rr.com
Fri Jul 29 22:32:01 EDT 2005

Hi b-hebrew,

Jim West
>> If you suspect that tradition is sufficient to establish truth then, in some quarters, tradition teaches
>> that Moses wrote the King James Version of the bible and that is the version Jesus used too.  But > that is idiocy isnt it.  And yet, it is a  tradition believed and adhered to.

Dave Washburn
>Must we endure such caricatures?  I thought this kind of guilt by absurdly 
>remote association was beneath you, Jim.

Now I am  curious.  Does Jim really have a name of a known someone who asserts
as above ?  is there a real associate to have association with, or is Jim playing an
awkward game of pseudo-reducto-ad-absurdum. 

Understand, I ask this seriously, as someone who is quite familiar with the views of 
the various King James Bible proponents, such as Thomas Holland and David Cloud 
and, yes, Peter Ruckman.  And I am assisting the Wikipedia article on same. 

And I have never run into this view he mentions.

Steven Avery
Queens, NY


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