[b-hebrew] Author of the torah

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Fri Jul 29 17:39:54 EDT 2005

Dave Washburn wrote:

>And this is based on..............?  Nothing, as far as I can see, except the 
>oft-discredited DH idea and its various progeny.  Perhaps it is you who are 
>making the mistake of localizing the globalized.  The fact is, you don't 
>know.  This is just the view you prefer.

It is the view, not that I prefer, but makes the most sense.  It never 
ceases to amaze me the claims that are made for scripture which 
scripture does not make for itself.  If you suspect that tradition is 
sufficient to establish truth then, in some quarters, tradition teaches 
that Moses wrote the King James Version of the bible and that is the 
version Jesus used too.  But that is idiocy isnt it.  And yet, it is a 
tradition believed and adhered to.

Appeal to tradition to establish truth is methodologically flawed.  
Moreover, it is shocking.


D. Jim West

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