[b-hebrew] Author of the torah

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 11:50:55 EDT 2005

I have read many 'scholarly theories' which attack the authorship 
of the torah but my conclusions are.

a)people change constantly. And if *I* wrote a book over a 40 
year period, it would most certainly exhibit different styles 
as my personality continued to change and adapt.
b)the 'scholarly assumption' that yah does not exist and can 
therefore not inspire men to write his words is completely 
unscholarly because it excludes the testimony of the authors
who were obviously in a position to know better.
c)why would the hebrews not object to a group of imposters 
fabricating the writings of their most important prophet 
centuries after his death?
d)for strong reasons of fulfillment of tanak prophecy I hold 
that yehoshua was the messiach and was therefore far more 
qualified than any 'scholar' to comment on the torah's authorship.
Yehoshua's testimony in this regard is clear that he held it to 
be Moses own work.
e)the 'scholarly assumption' that scribblings on the wall of empires 
whose kings frequently invented their own history and deleted their 
defeats and deified themselves are of more historic worth than the 
tanak are completely biased and cannot be taken seriously.

I am, of course, open minded and would welcome any *constructive* 
arguments against Moses as the author of the Torah, as long as we agree 
to keep the discussion on an equal level of respect and give proofs 
based on the primary sources rather than resorting to insulting comments
to prove a point.

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