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Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Fri Jul 29 07:59:31 EDT 2005

Dear Yigal,

>While Yitzhak is undoubtedly correct in saying that the earliest strands of
>the Pentateuch seem to admit the existence of other gods, the authors could
>have very well have been referring to the conception of the existence of
>other gods. In other words, "there is only one God, but we know that a lot
>of people believe that there are others - whether 'true' or not, the very
>belief is a sin". Certainly, there is a strand (priestly?) that denies their
>existence and claims that they are but "wood and stone". The Bible often
>seems to claim that those who worship idols are fools, who think that "this
>piece of wood created me". But we know, that this was not the case at all;
>pagans never believed that the actual idol was a deity - the idol simply
>represented the deity and helped the worshipper "focus" - just as ritual
>objects do today, in many monotheistic faiths.

HH: I have read that people believed the deity came and indwelt the 

					Harold Holmyard

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