[b-hebrew] Verbs - Isaiah 52

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Fri Jul 29 02:52:58 EDT 2005

Rolf Furuli wrote:

> Some time ago I was asked to give a lecture for a group of Bible
> on the text of Isaiah 52:13-53:12

I can imagine their translation after hearing these conclusions...

> 52:13 Look! My servant will act with insight (YIQTOL). He will certainly
> high
> (YIQTOL) and elevated (WEQATAL) and exalted (WEQATAL) very much.

where did you find "certainly"?
your "elevated" has mappiq. Doesn't that bother you?

Lo, my servant will contemplate, and will rise, and be exalted a lot.

> 52:14 Just as many will be appalled (QATAL) at him - so disfigured is his
> appearance more than that of any other man, and his form more than that of
> mankind -

The word מרא cannot plausibly be a noun, since this would make six nouns in
a row, highly atypically of Hebrew. The construction כנ – כ, translated here
as just as—so, is causation by analogy (e.g., just as you will give—so you
will receive), and therefore requires a verb in each part of the causative
structure. The only word which can be a verb is מרא.

The translation of משחת  as disfigured is grammatically impossible because
of the vocalization; the word is a noun. Besides, the notion of ugliness is
foreign to the context.

The correct translation is,

Just as nobles (many) were astonished at you, so you are showing <and
astonishing> him the anointment from man; yet his vividness is of the sons
of man

It is not for nothing that DSS has anointment in plural.

> 52:15 likewise he will startle (YIQTOL) many nations. Because of him kings
> will shut (YIQTOL) their mouth.  For what had not been recounted (QATAL)
> them, they will actually see (QATAL), and to what they had not heard
> they must turn their attention (QATAL).

Your "startle" is pure conjecture, based neither on the root meaning, nor on
established use of the word.

So he will sprinkle great nations, on him their rulers will shut their
mouths, because what [whom] was not told them they saw, and what [whom] they
did not hear they contemplated

I dealt with your mistranslation of the chapter 53 in the earlier posts.

Vadim Cherny

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