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On 28/07/2005 21:20, Sujata wrote:

>I dont know about the authenticity of this info, but
>here's something that seems to point to YHWH worship
>in Japan
>Could the Japanese have the answer to the
>pronunciation puzzle?
Well, this is interesting, but I don't see any much evidence for the 
pronunciation of the Name, only the song which allegedly sounds like 
"Hallelujah, haliya, haliya, tohse, Yahweh, Yahweh, yoitonnah....". But 
does anyone recognise the supposedly Hebrew (or Greek) writing at the 
end? I can see how the central part could be )WR YHWH, but that must be 
far from certain.

This author writes:

> I am not aware of any country, other than Japan, which has a festival 
> illustrating the story of Isaac. I believe that this tradition 
> provides strong evidence that the Israelites came to ancient Japan.
But it is clear that he or she is not familiar with Muslim festivals. 
True, the Muslims consider that the sacrifice festival, sometimes known 
as Eid or Id, marks the near death of Ishmael rather than Isaac, but it 
is clearly based on the same biblical story.

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