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On 28/07/2005 19:35, Rolf Furuli wrote:

>I have noted that the distinguished authority on Bible translation, Peter 
>Kirk, has made the judgement that Peter Newmark, who has worked with 
>theoretical translation principles and practical translation throughout a 
>long life, and whose book was awarded the prize of being the best book in a 
>particular year, speaks nonsense.
I have explained very clearly why one particular sentence, as quoted in 
a very limited context, is plainly nonsense at least when interpreted in 
the way you have interpreted it.

To be more precise, the statement "The SL (source language) texts 
consist of words, that is all that is there, on the page." is not in 
itself nonsense. What is nonsense is the argument which you seem to 
derive from it, and seem to attribute to Newmark although it is by no 
means clear that Newmark actually supports it. For you seem to take this 
statement as implying that texts must be analysed and translated word by 
word, and as support for your previous statement that "words are the 
units that we must deal with in order to analyse meaning in Hebrew". It 
is this implication which is nonsense, for the reasons I have already 
made clear. And it remains nonsense whether supported by Newmark, 
Chomsky, or an angel from heaven.

Peter Kirk
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