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Gene Gardner g_gardner1234 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 10:10:19 EDT 2005

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk 
Thu Jul 28 09:37:03 EDT 2005


I agree with Peter's sentiments here. Apart from the
little caffuffle 
they had about something in no way related to the name
'yhwh', this is 
currently the most interesting thread and I have many
evidences here 
which have not been presented to me before.
Just when I started to think it was getting exhausted,
the cherokee 
thing came in and started a new view point to explore.
Please don't end the thread!
Just stop people from going off topic or at least
educate them to put 
a different name on the discussion which reflects what
is really about
e.g. polytheism v's monotheism in the torah
and insist that they desist from agressive postings
which attack the 
others personally.
IMO there could also be much benefit from such a
discussion if it is 
conducted properly but the least people can do is keep
the discussion 
in an appropriately named thread so that list members
with limited 
time can be selective about which threads to keep up

I agree. This is an interesting list, because it is a
blend of the seminary/yeshiva/university scholars, as
well as the laymen, seekers, and those that fit
somewhere in between. What I see on this list, are
some of the “nuts and bolts” types who throw out their
concepts (some are a little outside the box) and then
the scholars interface with those concepts and take it
to a new and different place. I am really enjoying
this list, and especially the YHWH and the Ben
Hayyim/Aleppo/Leningrad comparison thread. I have even
gone to the trouble of saving many of the comments to
a digest for future review.

Thank you all for the excellent input.

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