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On 28/07/2005 13:41, Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:

>I have notes from the NKJV and this is what they say:
>There are eight places where Bomberg (=the TR of the
>KJV) differs from BHK/BHS (=MT in our notes). In these
>places the note explains that the NKJV is following
>the Hebrew used by the KJV 1611 translators rather
>than the modern critical editions of the MT. The
>agreement or disagreement of the ancient versions is
>also indicated in these places. (See Prov. 8:16; Isa.
>10:16; 27:2; 38:14; Ezek. 30:18; Zeph. 3:15; and Mal.
>1:12; also Jer. 34:1 without a note.) 

Thank you, Kevin. I note that three of these differences are between 
Lord (presumably Adonay) and LORD (presumably YHWH), and another is only 
in the spelling of Nebuchadn/rezzar. So we are left with just four 
places where there is a small meaning difference:

>Prov. 8:16 
>... the judges of the earth. (KJV, LXX, Bomberg)
>... the judges of righteousness (BHS, Syriac, Vulgate)
>Isa 27:2
>... A vineyard of red wine. (BHK, Bomberg, Vulgate)
>... A vineyard of delight (BHS, some Hebrew mss, LXX)
>... A vineyard of choice (Targum)
>Ezek. 30:18; 
>At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be darkened, ... (KJV, Bomberg, Many Hebrew mss., Syriac,
>Targum, Vulgate)
>At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be refrained, ... (BHS)
>Zeph. 3:15; 
>... thou shalt not see evil any more. (KJV, Bomberg, Hebrew mss, LXX)
>... thou shalt not fear any more. (BHS, Vulgate)

But what is meant by "Bomberg" here? His First Rabbinic Bible? Or the 
Second Rabbinic Bible usually named after Ben Hayyim, although also 
printed by Bomberg?

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