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The Tsalagi (Cherokee) were among the most assimilated of the Original  
People of Turtle Island ("Native Americans"), and adopted many things from the  
Europeans.  Whether or not the Divine Name was one of those things is  uncertain.
Some Cherokee pronounce the Name as two syllables: Yowah.  The popular  book, 
"A Cherokee Feast of Days" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler says: "The Cherokees  
had their Father-Creator  whos was Yowah....The name Yowah was so sacred  that 
only certain priests were allowed to say it."  (page 18)  That  does sound 
familiar to the tradition that arose around the pronouncing of  YHWH.  
(There are Tsalagi on one side of my family, but this tidbit was not  
previously passed on to me.)
Solomon Landers
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Is it  possible that the name of these traders' own God was pronounced by 
them  Ye-ho-wah or Je-ho-vah, and that they might themselves have passed 
on to  the Cherokee nation this name and the stories of Adam and Eve  etc?

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