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On 28/07/2005 07:19, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

>... Also,
>I don't see Sujata or you cite any specific verses that say "when I
>refer to other
>gods, I mean handmade objects."  For example, Psalm 115 appears to hold
>that point of view, but that's not God speaking.  On the other hand, Judges 
>11:23 - 24 appears to very clearly hold the viewpoint that Kemosh is a
>real god.
That isn't God speaking either, it is Jephthah, who may not have been an 
Israelite at all and certainly had a religion not compatible with later 
Jewish religion e.g. in how he sacrificed his daughter. Yes, there were 
polytheists etc around during Bible times. But that does not mean that 
the Bible teaches polytheism.

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