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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Jul 27 21:44:24 EDT 2005

Steve Miller wrote:

>"In 1524, Jacob ben Hayyim published a printed text of the Hebrew Old 
>Testament, using a multitude of high quality manuscripts, including several 
>lists of Masoretic notes. This became a standard for printed Jewish Bibles. 
>Only in the last two hundred years has it been so accepted in the Christian 
>world. "
>Is this true? Was the ben Hayyim text the standard for printed Jewish 
>Bibles. And was the ben Hayyim text not widely accepted in the Christian 
>world until ~1800? What is the relation between KJV and ben Hayyim?

yup it is. yup it was.  yessir, that's a fact too.
the translators of the kjv compared the ben hayyim text and the vulgate 
with earlier english versions.  the kjv, is, of course, not based on 
any  hebrew or greek text.  rather, those editions were merely used "to 
compare" (see the preface of the kjv) with the other versions 
consulted.  the kjv is a revision of earlier english editions.



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