[b-hebrew] abusive mail

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Wed Jul 27 11:21:08 EDT 2005

Dear list members. As you can appreciate I am very busy person 
just as everyone else is. In the last 24 hours my limited e-mail 
account has been overwhelmed with emails which I still have not read 
all of.
I have been sifting through the yhwh threads to find information and 
arguments which can help me to better understand all the existing 
proofs BUT have only found a tit for tat discussion which would 
probably better be placed under a different heading or in off list 
Please stop it. I only have so much time to read the postings and if 
I have to sift through 10's of abusive messages which don't even touch 
on the subject in the hope of finding some new perspective on the 
argument my limited time is soon gone and I am left with the feeling of 
having wasted my time only.

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