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Yishmor Y yishmor at heplist.com
Wed Jul 27 10:11:12 EDT 2005

Continuing with the thoughts by Chris Heard about the back and forth 
"attacks" about who is wrong and one not knowing the other's history, etc.:

 From my understanding, this list discusses the Hebrew bible it 
interpretation, et cetera, with most interpretation through peshat. 
Peshat meaning its plain meaning; that is, independent of mystical 
interpretations, not needing to first filter it through some third party 
church, some third party synagogue, and independent of Little Orphan 
Annie decoder rings for them to tell us how we are supposed to interpret 
it (regardless of what is actually written). However, the list, from 
what I understand, would not bar looking at such interpretations as such 
interpretations may contribute to the progression of the discussion. 
Archaeological interpretations and parallels would, likewise, be allowed 
within the discussion as it may shed light on the discussion.

If one is unable to accept differing interpretations, especially if 
someone finds different interpretations unacceptable and distasteful to 
even be discussed, this list may not be the list for such a person to be 
on. If all that is mentioned in the previous paragraph is more-or-less 
true, this is the conclusion one would have to come to because a list as 
described in the previous paragraph would have many varied 
interpretations which would most likely clash with the dogma of some 
third party church or synagogue.

I have no idea where the list rules are, but I'm pretty sure heated 
attacks is something that should be avoided. If anything, its probably 
best to agree to disagree or ignore the person(s) whom one feels has 
offended oneself.

yišmor busi

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