B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Wed Jul 27 09:52:37 EDT 2005


Dear B-Haveray,

First off, congratulations on maintaining this long and busy set of 
threads on YHWH with mostly helpful and friendly tone and content.

Second, it is clear that we have strayed from that tone and content and 
thereby violated our list charter, which is available at 

The list may well have already "self-corrected."  If so, disregard the 
following.  Please desist in calling each other blind or arrogant or any 
other such demeaning slams.  Please desist in trying to correct the 
faith (or non-faith!) position of a fellow member as soon as his or her 
faith-position "leaks" into a post.  By all means, do not challenge 
someone who is a member of the list to "read the Tanakh!" as if he or 
she does not.

Additionally, when we have discontinued discussing the Biblical Hebrew 
language and text, we have strayed from the mission of this list.  This 
forum is not the place to discuss what one *should* believe or how one 
should decide what to believe in the sectarian sense.

The moderators do not want to discontinue the thread or put any members 
on moderation setting.  This we will do if personal attack or sectarian 
strife continues.

Third, b-hebrew is *not* a scholarly list.  We are pleased to have many 
scholars on the list and to hear from these experts.  We are also 
pleased to have lay people and clergy (who are not professional 
academics) on the list and to hear their perspectives as well.  While 
they may not be experts, they have free access to contribute to the 
board.  No one viewpoint owns the list, including the "scholarly 
consensus," whatever that is.  Even scholars must understand, when they 
join such a list, that they enter without a uniform, so to speak.  In 
other words, each member is free to value another member's 
professional/academic credentials as he desires.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bryan Rocine
b-hebrew co-chair

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