[b-hebrew] VERBS

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Wed Jul 27 09:02:25 EDT 2005

Were the examples below intended as counter-examples to my statements? (They
are not.)

Ken wrote:
> >It seems to me that Rolf's example "sing" always has the 
> characteristic of
> >dynamicity. It is not a state.
> >Similarly, "sing" and "continue" always have durativity. 
> They can never be
> >instantaneous.
> >And "create" has telicity. There is an inherent end to the activity.
> >It seems to me that these "lexical aspects" are uncancellable.

Peter responded:

> "All singing, all dancing" as a description of a product (e.g. 
> http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsId=13356)?
> "'Is that true?" he asked. 'No', he continued"? (OK, it takes 
> a finite 
> time to utter even the short word "No", but very few of even the most 
> punctiliar verbs are actually strictly instantaneous.)
> "She is always creating a fuss"?
> Such colloquial usages often bend these kinds of Aktionsart rules.

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