[b-hebrew] Aramaic - Abba

Shai Heijmans shaih at post.tau.ac.il
Wed Jul 27 09:22:58 EDT 2005


> Thank you, Shai. But are these from pointed texts, or
> transcriptions in 
> languages which have vowels, or are the vowels reconstructed 
> by the editors?

The text of the talmud is on the whole unvocalised; the forms I
mentioned appear as ryglwy, qwmwy, etc.
The vowels were added by me (although on basis of the sporadically
vocalised forms in the Geniza manuscripts); of course, I should have
mentioned that. Sorry.

> It is interesting that in at least three of these four examples the 
> suffixed noun is plural: days, feet, eyes. So it seems that this -oy 
> ending is the combination of a noun plural and a first person 
> singular 
> possessive suffix, cf. -ay in Hebrew. But of course the 
> Aramaic word for 
> God is not plural, so this -oy suffix would not apply. The 
> Hebrew word 
> is usually plural, so the suffix would be -ay - or simply -iy if the 
> underlying word is the singular Eloah.
> I continue to hold that Greek -WI is highly unlikely to represent a 
> final diphthong -oy, but much more probably two separate 
> syllables -o-i 
> or perhaps o-ay.

A triphthong oay! I didn't think of that. This is very interesting.

But if you take ELWI as hebrew, how do you expalin "shebaqtani"?


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