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Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
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Oh, no!

She asked a scholarly list - and touched off the most scholarly discussion
I've ever seen on this list!


Dora Smith
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> Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> > So you have missed the entire point of the Torah and YOU are the one
> > who has not studied it, because it cannot be understood properly
> > without the Oral Torah - which you admit you don't care about.
> This all discussion began because you said that the different names of God
> in the Bible are due to recognizing different attributes.  This is,
> the ancient Rabbinic answer to the question, why are there multiple names
> of God used in different accounts of the Torah.  It is quite clear that
> Biblical analysis has proposed alternative answers, and these answers were
> even hinted at by some of the great commentators including Rashi and Ibn
> Ezra.

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