[b-hebrew] yhwh pronunciation

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Tue Jul 26 21:45:19 EDT 2005

Dear Karl,

>I saw pictures of this stone first in books, and on the
>following URL:
>http://www.viewzone.com/FTscandanavia.html (top picture
>Had I not seen pictures of this stone previously in books,
>I would not have given it a second thought as by the time
>I reached this page, I had come to the conclusion that for
>the most part, the writer didn't know what he was talking
>about. In other words, I think the site as a whole is
>weird, and I don't recommend it. This is the only picture
>of this stone that I know of on line. If someone knows of
>another picture of this stone on line, on a more kosher
>site, please let us know.
>I suspect that this is a later example of proto-Sanaitic,
>as the letters seem somewhat more stylized than earlier
>examples: the ayin a simple circle, lamed a straight line,
>hey like a Vee instead of a jumping man, waw upside down
>from what is later, mem an outlined "C", resh just an arc,
>beit an arc with hooks at top and bottom, and the whole
>alphabet is not shown.
>I know not everyone will agree with me, but I read the

HH: Thanks for the link, but how do you know this petroglyph is 
proto-Sinaitic? I can't seem to find any explanatory text about it on 
the website.

					Harold Holmyard

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