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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Jul 26 21:02:58 EDT 2005

Not argumentative or unpleasant but arrogant!

And completely ignorant of Judaism, and the Oral Torah, without which 
YOU are the one who can not understand the Torah

I have been reading the Torah - what you call the "Hebrew Bible" - 
and learning spoken Hebrew as a language - since first grade!

YOU are the one who is completely unfamiliar with MY history!

How DARE you tell that my JEWISH religious education has been FLAWED, 
and that we Jews do not understand our history and our heritage and 
OUR Torah, it would be like me "correcting" the knowledge that a 
Hindu has of his religion or scripture

Genesis 31:30  This is not G-d recognizing other gods, this  is LAVAN 
speaking about HIS "gods", did  you not  notice that when Lavan 
referred to Jacob's G-d (verse 29) it was SINGULAR - ONE G-d????

Genesis 35:2  There is a word in this verse which describes "gods" - 
the word is "Neichor"   Elohei Neichor = ALIEN GODS!  Again it is not 
G-d talking, it is Jacob telling his household to REMOVE the alien 
gods in their midst.  In your mind, that means that G-d recognizes 
other "gods"??

Exodus 12:12  G-d is going to punish the gods of Egypt - they are NOT 
G-d - they are gods in the imagination of those who worship them, 
they are idols, G-d does NOT recognize them. G-d HIMSELF will destroy 
them, ie; their idols.  Rashi says of this verse - the  wooden idols 
rotted and the metal ones melted.  Then the commentary goes on: 
"Angels, too, are referred to as Elohim; hence this term can be taken 
as a reference to them.  Ramban explains: The heavenly forces that 
guide and protect the destiny of Egypt were struck in this plague, so 
that Egypt would be completely defenseless


I don't mean to sound argumentative or unpleasant, but your lines 
below demonstrate your complete unfamiliarity with the history of 
ancient Israel.  Nor have you read the Hebrew Bible very closely or 
you would have noticed, among others, this little passage:

Gen 31:30, 35:2, and Ex 12:12, where God himself recognizes "other 
gods".  There was nothing even remotely similar to monotheism in 
Israel (henotheism too is a bad term) until well after 
deutero-isaiah's time.

Please read more carefully.

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>Sorry, but YOU are the one who is wrong.  The Torah was not written 
>by ancient Hebrews or Canaanites walking around the land.
>And the Torah definitely knew that there is ONLY one G-d!
>And it is terribly misleading of you to deny this fact.
>And you should learn more Torah, including ORAL Torah.


D. Jim West

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