[b-hebrew] VERBS. Was " masorete pointing v's LLX transliterations"

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Tue Jul 26 16:54:58 EDT 2005

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Again  the parameters "event time," "reference time,"
and "the deictic center" can  be used. By studying where reference time
intersects event time in Hebrew  verbs it can be argued that Hebrew verbs
represent aspect, though of a  different nature than English aspect. 

1.  It might be helpful for the non-linguists if you gave a brief  definition 
of these terms, especially "deictic center".

2.  With all due respect, and without commenting on your conclusions  or the 
logic of your reasoning, you cannot reasonably expect people to simply  accept 
your conclusions when I have not seen in your remarks clarity on the  basis 
of your argument:
a.  Where DOES reference time intersect event time?
b.  What is the nature of your "aspect"?  (and why don't you call  it 
something else to avoid confusion.

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