[b-hebrew] yhwh pronunciation

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Tue Jul 26 14:24:43 EDT 2005

I marvel at all this discussion. It is perfectly established that at the
times of Diodorus and Clement the Tetragrammaton was pronounced Iao.
Masoretes wrote more or less the same - if you don't insist on waw as
consonant. Why say, we don't know the vowels? We know them; some just don't
like what we know.

Vadim Cherny

> Most of your reasonings regarding vowels are well taken; they are balanced
> and sound. Taken together they lead us back to where we started: We do not
> know the vowels in the word YHWH.  There are some clues, as you show. But
> these may be interpreted differently.

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