[b-hebrew] dating of matres lectionis

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Jul 26 11:20:24 EDT 2005

OK, so now I'm just bothering you with silly questions - what is  "a 
mater lectionis"?


>... You think it is accidental that the Shem HaMeforash has letters 
>in it which are similar to the letters of the word meaning "to be"?
Shoshanna, if your question is for me, no, I don't think this is 
accidental. But then I think that the final he is a mater lectionis. 
The problem is Yigal's position, which seems to be that the final he 
is pronounced but there is no relationship to HYH/HWH. I consider his 
position inconsistent.

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