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On 26/07/2005 14:50, Read, James C wrote:

> ...
> To be fair Peter, while your reasoning does make sense in other respects
> of what you have said, Rolf has made it quite clear that his studies 
> parted
> with no preconceived ideas or assumptions and reached his conclusions
> through purely linguistic (although, heavily grammatical) methods. I tend
> to believe him and this is obviously a subject that he has put much 
> thought
> into and worked on for a very long time.

Well, I am not quite sure when Rolf considers that he started these 
studies. It certainly was a long time ago. But already on 4th September 
1998, the first individual post I have from him (I was receiving digests 
from July 1997 which are not so easy to search), he wrote to this list:

> I claim that
> imperfectivity and perfectivity are connected with the verb form and not
> with the context: all wayyiqtols and yiqtols are imperfective and all
> qatals and weqatals are perfective.

But this was certainly before he completed his study of all of the verb 
forms in the Bible. Therefore he came to that study, or at least 
completed and drew conclusions from it, with this preconceived idea of 
the Hebrew verb system, which is effectively the same as the two form 
model which he now presents as the result of his studies.

I am copying this to the list on the assumption that, because you 
addressed Rolf elsewhere in the message, you intended your message to go 
to the list.

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