[b-hebrew] YHWH discussion recap

Gene Gardner g_gardner1234 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 06:55:59 EDT 2005

Gene Gardner wrote:
> I would like to recap some of the points that have
> been made during this discussion. If any of my
> perceptions are in error, I welcome your correction.

Yitzhak responded:

The following is not so much a recap as a restatement
of various points that you find may be used to prove
the "Yehowah" pronounciation.  Various points are
without regard to points raised against them or their 
likelihood.  You also seem to ignore completely the
based on Greek and Babylonian transcriptions except to
argue that such are "scholarly reconstructions" (and


Let me be clear about my position in this discussion.
I personally have no need to know the correct
pronunciation of the Name, as I am not personally
interesting in using it. Over the years, I have heard
the many arguments presented in favor of the
pronunciation “YaHWeH”, and with the advent of the
recent discussion of “YeHoWaH”, it has piqued my
interest. Maybe my recap was more focused on the
presentation of the minority opinion in favor of
"YeHoWaH". So many posts to review. It makes me bleary

Gene originally stated:

> 6)That the nineteen or so tri-sylabic names found in
> the Hebrew Scriptures that have the theophoric
> "Yeho", which are pointed the same as YHWH as found
> the Masoretic texts, may or may not have any
> to the pronunciation of YHWH.

Yitzhak responded:

They are not pointed the same as the Massoretic
of yhwh, because there is no qamats under waw.  There
also yo- prefixes, -yah suffixes, and -yahu suffixes
that you 
seem to ignore.  And finally "yeho" is a rather vague
approximation of "y:ho".

Let me clarify my above statement. They are pointed
the same in relation to the YH of YHWH. I was not
commenting in relation to the final syllable. I used
the prefix “YeHo”(Jeho), because that is the way that
I find it rendered in the JPS TeNaKh for eighteen of
the nineteen names, with the exception being Yehoshua
(shortened to Joshua)and on occasion Yehownathan
(sometimes shortened to Jonathan). Since I feel that
the JPS translators have a far greater command of the
Hebrew language than I do, I felt some what confident
in my assumption.

Thank you for all the points that you presented Yitzhak.

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