[b-hebrew] VERBS. Was " masorete pointing v's LLX transliterations"

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On 26/07/2005 01:13, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>What's a "verb FORM"?
>Are you talking about "tenses"?
A verb form is a paradigm or set of precise word forms, one for each 
person (and sometimes gender). For example, qatal, qatalta, qatalti etc 
is one verb form, and yiqtol, tiqtol, 'eqtol etc is another.

Part of the discussion is about whether these verb forms can properly be 
understood as tenses. Two verb forms may have the same meaning; or they 
may have a different meaning (a semantic distinction), which may be a 
tense distinction, or a distinction of aspect or mode, or more than one 
of these.

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