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Dear Ken,

See my comments below.

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> For those non-specialists in Hebrew linguistics, I thought I should point
> out that Peter's assumptions about linguistics and classical Hebrew are
> more
> widely accepted than Rolf's. I am not saying Rolf is right or wrong
> (though
> I am skeptical), but he would need to present a very strong case indeed in
> order to convince most of us.

It is correct that Peter`s assumptions regarding the classical Hebrew verbal 
system are more widely accepted  than mine. But I do not think that the same 
is true regarding his linguistic assumptions. Many linguists would perhaps 
use other methods in their studies than does Mari Broman Olsen, whose model 
I use (allthough I reject a part of it), but her linguistic principles are 
sound. And I would say that the linguistic principles I use are mainstream 
among linguists.  A professional linguist may disagree in some of my 
applications of my principles and model, but I would not expect that the 
principles or model would be criticized. (See the longer post I send today).
Moreover, I have not seen that Peter have outlined any linguistic 
assumptions at all.

 Rolf, is your dissertation now available to
> those of us who are interested?

At present I am discussing the publication of it with an international 
publisher. But such things take time, so I will not expect the publication 
of it in the near future. Because of the interests of the publisher I cannot 
offer anyone a pdf-copy. However, in connection with the disputation a few 
paper copies were printed. The price per copy is US $ 45, plus postage US $ 
20 (It has 516 pages and the weight is close to 1000 grams). If anyone is 
interested s/he can order a copy by sending an E-mail to me.

Best regards

Rolf Furuli
Univeersity of Oslo

> Ken Penner
> McMaster/Hebrew
>> Dear Peter,
>> I am sorry but I cannot comment on your arguments below.  Our views
>> regarding linguistics and classical Hebrew are so different
>> that I see
>> no purpose in any discussion.
>> Best regards
>> Rolf Furuli

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