[b-hebrew] yhwh pronunciation

Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Tue Jul 26 02:28:30 EDT 2005

Good morning Karl,

could you please give us a refference for this inscription? I would be very
interested in seeing it.

Thank you,


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> Peter:
> As I wrote before, I know of an inscription written in
> proto-Sinaitic script that has seven words, among which one
> has a waw indicating third person singular possessive (if
> I'm not mistaken, is that not a mater lectionis?) and one
> has a yod in the second person singular perfect to replace
> a hey. From this example, I suspect that the use of matres
> lectionis well predates the Phoenician use of the alphabet.
> Karl W. Randolph.

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