[b-hebrew] VERBS. Was " masorete pointing v's LLX transliterations"

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Mon Jul 25 18:12:26 EDT 2005

Or maybe he just feels like its as pointless to argue as it is for a dog 
to howl at the moon.....  Since, as we all know, some folk wouldn't be 
convinced of perspective not their own if God himself told them.  I'm 
not saying thats true of either of you- but it is true of some.  After a 
while you would rather just let folk hold viewpoints that are wrong than 
fuss about it.  At any rate since you can't read minds (or can you?) 
your assesment of Rolf's mental state is unfair and probably inaccurate.

Peter Kirk wrote:

>Rolf, let me make this clear. I have stated that there is a fundamental 
>logical flaw in your argument, that it simply confirms your initial a 
>priori assumption (that there are two semantically distinct verb forms 
>rather than fouror five). This devastating critique basically implies 
>that your work is valueless. And you are not prepared to answer my 
>critique? That sounds rather like an admission that you don't have a leg 
>to stand on.
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