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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jul 25 10:51:19 EDT 2005

On 25/07/2005 15:16, Read, James C wrote:

> Peter wrote:
> "I am not convinced that this is a fair summary. I don't think that
> authors like Gertoux, Gordon and Franklin have been taken at all
> seriously by the scholarly world. I am not saying that they shouldn't
> be, but that they are outsiders. I don't think any of them have a
> recognised academic position, and I have not seen publications by them
> in peer reviewed academic journals."
> Forgive me if this is a wrong opinion but seeing as the title of
> 'scholar' is one that men bestow upon men it hardly seems to be
> an appropriate observation that brings anything of worth to the
> discussion. ...

James, I brought in the word "scholarly" only because Steven referred to 
the "consensus on a scholarly forum" and to "scholarship". Steven seemed 
to argue that the self-perpetuating group of "scholars" whose consensus 
since the 19th century has been for "Yahwe" had changed its mind. But I 
see no evidence of this. That same group of "scholars" continues to 
support "Yahwe" and is largely unaware of the arguments of outsiders to 
whom they would pay little attention.

Whether the "scholars" are right or wrong is a different matter. I 
happen to think they are right in this case, not because of their titles 
and qualifications but because of their arguments.

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