[b-hebrew] ineffable name - Abba

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Sun Jul 24 20:49:47 EDT 2005

Peter wrote:
"For any word of two or
three syllables must be a common and regularly pronounced word in some
of the world's nearly 7000 languages"

I think this is a very valid point. As we have seen that Yahu is 
a very possible pronunciation or shortened form of the name and 
we have such common sites as www.YAHOO.com which is pronounced 
People who use the search facility may have had both bad and good 
experiences with the search engine and may expressed their fellings 
about them in no uncertain terms while meaning no personal offense 
to Yah himself. Both Christians and Jews of all flavours know and 
believe that Yah can read the heart and the mind much easier than 
we can read a book and he looks more at our intentions than at our 
Personally, my search for his name is not a mere academic exercise
but the earnest desire to know my best friend's name. When I meet a 
person and chat and get along with that person it is normal for me to 
want to learn his name in order to build a relationship of friendship 
with him/her. Yah has made his name known on many occasion and nothing 
he has taught me through his words in the hebrew bible have led me 
to believe that he would like me to be estranged from knowing it and 
using it in a loving and respectful way. In fact, to be honest I would 
find it difficult to communicate with him in prayer on a personal level 
without using his name to call upon him.
Of course, all things are possible and it may be that I am wrong and that
I should not use or seek to know his name. But one thing I am sure of 
and that is that he knows my motives for using his name and that this 
makes his heart glad. 
It is true that calling on his name exerts great force but the source of 
that power is he himself and the mountains will only crumble if that is 
his will and will not be dictated by my chance stumbling upon the correct 

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