[b-hebrew] YHWH discussion recap

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I've not been following this; watching people deny that Yahweh was the
Syrian god Yah/ Ea is too frustrating.    I've grown tired of stating things
that are crystal clear to me and have noone believe a word.    We've been
discussing this for a long time on the ancientbiblestudies list.

But from the headers this discussion has gotten good.

It could even contain new information!

For instance, where specifically does the name Yah occur in the psalms?
This would be fascinating.

The first occurrence of "Yahweh" specifically is in lists of conquered Shasu
towns in the southern desert during the 18th dynasty.    But the Egyptian
phonograms could translate as closer to Yahooweh or something of the sort.

The name of the northern god is thought to have evolved as far as Yahoo or

We've speculated endlessly on the ancientbiblestudies list about the name
Yahu/ Jehu, which appears in many forms in Israelite history.   Enough
people were named -el and -baal, and I've read that peoples' names tended to
contain the name Yahweh as well - depending on the gods' states of favor
over time as they competed for hegemony.

Trouble is the phonogram for w was the same as that for oo, and often they
included the v sound as well.    I guess from the time of the Egyptian
MIddle Kingdom through classical Latin, no matter what language people wrote
in.     I don't know about Greek.

The Shasu (Bedouin) ranged through the central high country and transjordan
between Syria and the Negev.    During the disordered times of the 18th and
19th dynasties, when Egypt and drought jointly had pretty much depopulated
the hill country, the Shasu and the Hapiru escapees from Canaan effectively

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I would like to recap some of the points that have
been made during this discussion. If any of my
perceptions are in error, I welcome your correction.

2)Yah is a valid name represented throughout the
Psalms, but not necessarily related to the
pronunciation "YaHWeH".

3)The cantillation marks in Psalm 96:10 does represent
a tri-sylabic cantoring of YHWH, or possibly Adonay.
This would need to be verified in the Massorah.

4)There is no vowel pointing found in the Masoretic
texts that would allow YHWH to be pronounced as

5)That the pronunciation "YaHWeH", is a scholarly
re-construction based on early Greek writings.

6)That the nineteen or so tri-sylabic names found in
the Hebrew Scriptures that have the theophoric element
"Yeho", which are pointed the same as YHWH as found in
the Masoretic texts, may or may not have any relation
to the pronunciation of YHWH.

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