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Vadim Cherny

> I'm surprised at your question. The Hebrew names that include various
> of Yah, Yehu, Yeho, Yahu and Yo are quite typical theophoric names, such
> appear in all ANE cultures. They usually include the name of a deity with
> either a verb or an adjactive. We have plenty of such names with such
> deities as Kemosh, Baal, Nabu, Qaus, Isis, Hadad, Shamash, Sin, and many
> others.
> The Divine name that became, in Second Temple Jewish tradition, too holy
> pronounce, was only the full Tetragrammaton. Its various componants and
> substitutes should not be "taken in vain" (meaning, in Jewish tradition,
> only swearing but any saying of God's name not in prayer or Torah study),
> but they may certainly be used as part of personal names.
> Yigal
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> > Isn't it a bit odd for common people to casually add a divine designator
> to their names? Extra-sacred Tetragrammaton, forbidden to pronounce - yet
> added to common names and more or less clearly pronounced. Indeed, there
> little, if any, difference between Iao and Ia[h]u.
> >
> > Is there a similar phenomenon in any other culture, of adding divine
> (or its close approximation) to proper names? Using earthly names of
> incarnations (Jose, Krishna) is not exactly the same. Abdallah is also
> different, the name used specifically with abd in a meaningful phrase, not
> casually adding divine to proper name. In Egypt, divine name seems to be
> attached only to royal names.
> > I do not recall anything like -yahu in contemporary cultures. Could
> offer examples?
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