[b-hebrew] YHWH discussion recap

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Sun Jul 24 12:52:50 EDT 2005

I haven't been following the discussion, so I
appreciate the re-cap! We should do this for every
I'd like to add the data from Elephantine. (I
assume it wasn't brought up.) There the god's name
is spelled yhw, which I think is Ya-hu or Ya-ho,
or Ye-hu or Ye-ho, or all of the above, depending
on stress etc.
This suggests that the h at the end of YHWH only
means that the final vowel w should be elongated
and is Ya-hu-uh, or Ya-ho-oh, and is not Yah-weh. 

If the Greeks wanted to write Yahu, how would they
have written it?

Liz Fried

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> I would like to recap some of the points that
> been made during this discussion. If any of my
> perceptions are in error, I welcome your
> 1)If we read the tetragrammaton as written with
> vowel points found in the Masoretic texts
> Leningrad), some of the variables would be:
> YeHWaH, YeHWiH, YeHoWiH, YeHoWaH
> 2)Yah is a valid name represented throughout the
> Psalms, but not necessarily related to the
> pronunciation "YaHWeH".
> 3)The cantillation marks in Psalm 96:10 does
> represent
> a tri-sylabic cantoring of YHWH, or possibly
> This would need to be verified in the Massorah.
> 4)There is no vowel pointing found in the
> texts that would allow YHWH to be pronounced as
> "YaHWeH."
> 5)That the pronunciation "YaHWeH", is a
> re-construction based on early Greek writings.
> 6)That the nineteen or so tri-sylabic names
found in
> the Hebrew Scriptures that have the theophoric
> element
> "Yeho", which are pointed the same as YHWH as
> found in
> the Masoretic texts, may or may not have any
> to the pronunciation of YHWH.
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