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Sun Jul 24 11:50:22 EDT 2005

Shalom Solomon Landers, Shoshana Walker and others

Thank you for taking part in the discussion!

Although there has nothing ever been spoken by humans
that should be called
ineffable, because that would be a contradicting
statement, the question is
not, whether or not the Ineffable Name (IN) is effable
since it surely has
been pronounced in the past. The question is rather,
when, where, why and by
whom the IN should be considered ineffable.

One should to ask oneself if one is
A) the right person
B) in the right status
C) in the right place
D) observing the right circumstances
E) having the right reasons a.s.o.,
before one should consider to utter the IN, even if
one technically knew how
it has to be pronounced. The know-how about the proper
pronunciation has
been hidden away not only to show people the
difficulties of pronunciation
as they are exhaustingly discussed in this group on
the basis of linguistic,
historic archeologic and other scientific
considerations, but rather to make
us aware of our shortcomings, should we ever dare
considering such a thing
as actually pronouncing the IN.

Of course Jews look at the subject a little different
than Christians, and
every individuum may have a specific perspective
again. But we should allow
to raise one simple question:

If Jews tremble when thinking about uttering the IN,
should this not teach
us to think a little deeper than just to the level of



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