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before  you bathe.  The Pharisees reply, "We complain of you Morning-bathers  
because you mention the Name with a body which contains defilement."
If  this was a typical dialogue between the two groups, and the Pharisees  
originated around 100 B.C.E. it means that at the same time that the Qumran  
people did not use the name, other groups did use  it. 

Be careful about using quotations from Talmud with regard to pronouncing  
"the name" as relevant to the tetragrammaton.  The rabbis generally use  "the 
name" to mean the name written as the tetragrammaton but pronounced  Ad-nai.  
When they want to refer to the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton  as written, 
they use the term "the explicit name" (shem hameforash).

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