[b-hebrew] YHWH - yahu

Vadim Cherny VadimCherny at mail.ru
Sat Jul 23 16:07:10 EDT 2005

Isn't it a bit odd for common people to casually add a divine designator to their names? Extra-sacred Tetragrammaton, forbidden to pronounce - yet added to common names and more or less clearly pronounced. Indeed, there is little, if any, difference between Iao and Ia[h]u.

Is there a similar phenomenon in any other culture, of adding divine name (or its close approximation) to proper names? Using earthly names of divine incarnations (Jose, Krishna) is not exactly the same. Abdallah is also different, the name used specifically with abd in a meaningful phrase, not casually adding divine to proper name. In Egypt, divine name seems to be attached only to royal names.
I do not recall anything like -yahu in contemporary cultures. Could anyone offer examples?

Vadim Cherny

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