[b-hebrew] IaBe = YHWH or IaBe = Jove?

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> Does "IaBe" = "YHWH" or does "IaBe" =  "Jove"?
> Josephus Book 12, Chapter 5 quotes the Samaritans as saying [under
> duress]:
> We therefore beseech thee, our benefactor and saviour,
> to give order to Apolonius, the governor of this part of the country,
> and to Nicanor, the procurator of thy affairs,
> to give us no disturbances,
> nor to lay to our charge what the Jews are accused for,
> since we are aliens from their nation and from their customs,
> but let our temple which at present hath no name at all,
> be named the Temple of Jupiter Hellenius.
> The God of Jupiter is said to be named "Jove".
> "Jove" is thought to be pronounced similar to "IaBe"
> Some sources recommend pronouncing the "o"  in "Jove" as "ah",
> but instead try pronouncing the "o" in "Jove",  like the "o" in "Joshua"
> e.g. J(awe)v(eh)
> To be redundant:
> Does "IaBe" = "YHWH" or does "IaBe" =  "Jove"?
> Dave Donnelly

There is no etymological relationship between the Latin "Jove" (from iovis 
pater...pronounced yawis) and the much older SemiticYHWH..

Jack Kilmon 

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