[b-hebrew] linux hebrew fonts

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Sat Jul 23 12:08:44 EDT 2005

http://www.linux.org has some nice little how-to's on installing and using 
fonts.  I run Fedora Core 3 at the moment and have had good success 
installing and using fonts by following the directions given there.

On Saturday 23 July 2005 09:49, Gene Gardner wrote:
> Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
> Sat Jul 23 08:22:04 EDT 2005
> wrote:
> With my SuSE distro, I think I had to place some .ttl
> files in the
> right place but I can't remember where I got them
> from.
> I'm working with a Slackware distro which is very
> hands on and has
> little to no focus on GUI admin. Do you know where I
> can download
> the .ttl fonts to get it working?
> Slackware doesn't seem to have a package, or even a
> tutorial on using Hebrew fonts (afaik).This means that
> you will have to locate the different parts and
> install them yourself. The parts you need are
> dependent on what software you are using. Most likely
> you will need to download the fonts for KDE or GNOME
> support first, and then download the font support for
> mozilla (firefox). Finally you might need to get the
> fonts for open office so that you can type documents
> in Hebrew.  Each piece has to be retrieved from the
> respective sites:
> http://www.kde.org
> http://www.gnome.org
> http://www.mozilla.org
> http://www.openoffice.org
> I hope this is helpful James.
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