[b-hebrew] yhwh pronunciation

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sat Jul 23 08:44:12 EDT 2005

On 23/07/2005 12:25, B. M. Rocine wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>The Mesha stele, in line 18, has the Tetragrammaton (all four letters). 
>  Did Rolf respond to your request below?  I didn't see a response.
Thank you, Bryan. No, I haven't had another reply to this. But does the 
Mesha stele use other final he matres lectionis? If so, this is no 
indication that the final he was not a mater lectionis. If not, it is in 
fact quite powerful evidence against the standard understanding of YHWH 
as derived from the root HWH, as in forms of such "lamed-he" verbs the 
final he is always a mater lectionis.

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